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About WiEPWrite

WiEPWrite is a blog run by a rotating group of early career members of WiEP. Our aim is to contribute to the discourse on economics and policy by bringing together a range of relevant voices in this space. This blog is a platform for disseminating research, discourse on policy, compiling of resources, discussions of experience from practitioners and much more! Like WiEP, this is meant to be an inclusive space hosting a variety of voices and we look forward to reading your contributions.

The following are the types of contributions we currently accept.

1. Data Challenges: Blogs that are useful to researchers especially early-career professionals comprising practical importance that are not described or discussed in peer-reviewed journal articles. These could include discussions of a newly compiled dataset, delineates challenges working with a particular dataset and an outline of a solution. Blogs under this theme should highlight and illustrate challenges and common pitfalls of working with a specific dataset and not be a mere exploratory analysis of dataset. Links to Github repos and open-source codes illustrating the challenges and proposed solutions are particularly encouraged.

2. Research Watch: Blogs under this theme unveil a new paper (published or working). Posts under this theme can take one of the following two formats:

a. A post summarizing the paper written within 800-1000 words targeting a general audience. 2-4 graphs or tables supporting the results are a welcome addition.

b. Posts which summarize the paper as a poster, or an infographic. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words! Our team can work with you in creating and editing the infographic summarizing the paper.

3. Lessons from Practice: Blogs under this theme will capture experience and practice gained from working in a specific sector. For instance, experiences from a research assistant working in the field, experiences converting an in-person survey to a phone-based survey due to Covid-19 pandemic would be welcome under this theme. Posts under this theme should be between 800 and 1000 words targeting a general audience.

4. Book Reviews: Reviews of books (preferably recently released or not particularly popular ones) within 800 to 1,000 words.

5. Days of the Year: Posts in honor of a specific day e.g. World Immunization Day by a scholar on that topic giving an overview of the topic, significance, current state of the evidence and big unanswered questions for a general audience.

Submit queries and entries to . Please indicate whether this post has been submitted elsewhere for publication, and if so list all publications.

To review the guidelines for submission check out this post.

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