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Reading Group

The objective of starting the Reading Group is to familiarize members with gender and economics, feminist issues and other relevant literature. The sessions shall cover themes of gender in social, economic and political spheres. The discussions will entail development topics through a gendered lens entailing potential research topics and the importance of data. 

The idea is to read books and papers together, and discuss thoughts and perspectives in order to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the readings.

They are managed and curated by the Reading Groups Working Group and are accessible to all members to attend. Reach out to if you wish to jointhe upcoming groups

Upcoming Sessions


This session is scheduled for 27th September 2020, 7-8 pm IST. We shall be discussing Data Feminism by Catherine D'Ignazio, in paticular chapter Unicorns, Janitors, Ninjas, Wizards, and Rock Stars. If interested, kindly contact Smriti Saini at

Previous Sessions

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